Ice Dam Removal

Protect your home this winter with our professional ice dam removal services. Our skilled gutter contractors efficiently remove ice dams to prevent damage to your roof and gutters. Avoid costly water damage and ensure your gutter system functions effectively throughout the season.

Understanding the Importance of Ice Dam Removal

Roofs in Minnesota are susceptible to ice dams due to heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures during winter. If not addressed promptly, these ice dams can cause significant damage to your property. At Lake Country Seamless Gutters, we specialize in professional ice dam removal services to protect your home or business.

Winter Services Shielding Homes from Snow and Ice

Ice Dam Removal Benefits

Preventing Damage To Your Roof

When warm air from inside your house comes in contact with the snow on your roof, it can melt the snow and refreeze at the roof’s edge, forming ice dams that cause leaks and damage due to blocked drainage. Our ice dam removal service safely removes ice dams from your roof, helping prevent such damage.

Shingle-Safe Ice Dam Removal

Removing ice dams from your roof requires precision and care to avoid damaging the shingles. Our team of ice dam removal experts is trained to perform shingle-safe removal techniques, ensuring that your roof remains intact during the process.


What Our Customers Say

As trusted ice dam removal contractors in Minnesota, we prioritize customer satisfaction and quality service. Our goal is to provide efficient and reliable ice dam removal services to protect your property and give you peace of mind during the winter months.

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Ice Dam Removal FAQs

To avoid any damage to your roof and property caused by ice dams, take preventive measures. Trust the ice dam removal experts at Lake Country Seamless Gutters to safely remove ice dams and prevent damage to your home or business. Contact us today to schedule your professional ice dam removal service and safeguard your property against winter’s harsh conditions.

Why is ice dam removal necessary?
Ice dams on your roof can cause water to back up and leak into your home, resulting in water damage.
How do you remove ice dams?
We use a combination of steam and specialized tools to safely remove ice dams from your roof without causing damage.
Does insurance cover ice dam removal?
In many cases, ice dam removal is covered by homeowners’ insurance policies, especially if it’s causing damage to your home.
How often should ice dams be removed?
It’s important to remove ice dams as soon as they form to prevent damage. Regular maintenance can also help prevent ice dams from forming in the first place.
Can ice dams cause roof leaks?
Yes, ice dams can cause water to seep under your roof shingles, leading to leaks and water damage inside your home.
Are there ways to prevent ice dams?
Yes, proper insulation and ventilation in your attic can help prevent ice dams from forming. It’s vital to keep your roof and gutters well-maintained on a regular basis.
Can I remove ice dams myself?
It is not recommended that you attempt to remove ice dams yourself, as they can be hazardous. It may lead to damage to your roofing. It’s best to hire a professional ice dam removal company.
How long does ice dam removal take?
The time it takes to remove ice dams depends on the size and severity of the dams. Our team works efficiently to remove ice dams as quickly as possible.
Is ice dam removal expensive?
The cost of ice dam removal varies depending on the size of the dams and the extent of the damage. However, it’s typically more cost-effective than repairing damage caused by ice dams.
Do you offer emergency ice dam removal services?
Yes, we offer emergency ice dam removal services for situations where immediate action is needed to prevent damage to your home.