Gutter Repair

Ensure your gutter system remains in top condition with professional gutter repair services. Our experienced gutter contractors specialize in quickly identifying and resolving any issues, from leaks and sagging to blockages. Whether you’re looking for new gutters, gutter installation, or maintenance of your existing gutter systems, our team is equipped to handle all your needs with expertise and efficiency.

Fix Your Gutters, Protect Your Home

Professional and Reliable Gutter Repairs

Leaky or damaged gutters? No problem! Our professional gutter repair services are designed to fix any issue, from minor leaks to significant damage. We specialize in rain gutter repair, seamless gutter repair, and more, ensuring your home is protected from water damage.

Our team of expert gutter repair contractors uses the latest techniques and high-quality materials to bring you reliable and lasting solutions. Whether it’s house gutter repair or comprehensive gutter leak repair, we have the expertise to get the job done right. Trust us to restore the efficiency and functionality of your gutters quickly and efficiently.

gutter repair services

Lake Country Seamless Gutter Repair Services

Gutter Guard Repairs

Fixing or replacing gutter guards to ensure they can withstand the accumulation of ice and snow, keeping your gutters flowing freely.

Snow Load Damage Repairs

Reinforcing and repairing gutters that have been damaged or sagged due to the weight of snow accumulation.

Downspout Adjustments

Repairing or adjusting downspouts to improve meltwater flow away from your home’s foundation crucial for preventing ice buildup around the base of your home.

Leak Sealing

Addressing leaks that can occur when ice dams melt, preventing water from damaging your home’s foundation and landscaping.

Join Our Gutter Cleaning Program & Avoid Costly Gutter Repairs

Regular maintenance is key to long-lasting gutters.

Clogged gutters are ineffective and can lead to significant water damage to your home. Environmental debris accumulates over the year, affecting your gutters’ performance. That’s why we’ve developed a gutter cleaning service program to preserve, protect, and maintain your home and gutters.

Contact us to tailor a custom gutter maintenance program specifically for your needs.

Seasonal Preparation

We prepare your gutters for seasonal changes, ensuring they function efficiently all year round.

Safety Checks

Our team performs thorough inspections to maintain a safe cleaning environment.

Waste Disposal

We responsibly dispose of all cleaning debris, leaving your property spotless.


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Lake Country Seamless Gutters is the top choice for professional gutter repair throughout Minnesota. Contact our gutter company today to schedule your free consultation and see how our professional gutter contractors can help you today!

Local Expertise

Tailored gutter solutions that meet the specific weather conditions of the area.

Fast Response Times

We understand the urgency of gutter issues. Our team responds quickly to ensure that your gutters are repaired without delay.

Affordable Pricing

We provide transparent and competitive pricing for all gutter repair services, ensuring quality work without breaking the bank.

Expertise in All Gutter Types

Whether you have seamless gutters, aluminum, or copper, we know how to repair any type of gutter effectively.


Have questions about gutter repair? We have the answers.

What are the signs that my gutters need repair?
Look for sagging, leaking, noticeable gaps, or overflowing during rain. These signs indicate that repairs are necessary to ensure proper function.
How often should gutters be inspected and repaired?
We recommend inspecting gutters at least twice a year, in spring and fall, and after major storms. Regular maintenance can prevent costly damages.
What is the average cost of gutter repair?
Costs vary depending on the extent of damage and the specific repairs needed, but typically range from $50 for minor repairs to over $600 for major restoration work.
Can I repair my gutters myself, or should I hire a professional?
While minor cleaning and repairs can be DIY, professional gutter contractors are recommended for more complex issues to ensure quality and safety.
What types of gutter repairs are most common?
Common repairs include resealing joints, fixing hangers, replacing damaged sections, and clearing clogs from downspouts.
How long does it take to repair gutters?
Most gutter repairs can be completed within a few hours, although more extensive repairs might require a full day or more.
What materials are used in gutter repair?
We use high-quality supplies such as sealants, aluminum, steel, or copper sections, and various fasteners that match your existing gutter system.
Do you offer warranties on gutter repairs?
Yes, our work is backed by a warranty that covers labor and materials, giving you peace of mind about the durability of the repairs.
Can damaged gutters affect my home's foundation?
Absolutely. Improperly functioning gutters can lead to water accumulation around the foundation, potentially causing structural issues and basement flooding.
How do I choose the right gutter contractor?
Look for experienced, licensed, and insured professionals with good reviews and a track record of reliable service. It’s also beneficial to choose a contractor familiar with local building codes and climatic conditions.